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GSS Faculty and Students

The Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies crosses traditional academic disciplines and studies the world's diverse cultures to investigate such topics as the roles of women in developing countries and in migration; the ways gender interacts with race, ethnicity, and class; women and culture; how gender categories operate in our own and other societies; the history of sex and sexuality; and new directions in feminist theory.

Department faculty hold full-time appointments in Gender and Sexuality Studies or joint appointments with other UCR humanities and social science departments. Other faculty throughout the College serve as affiliates, many of whom regularly teach in Gender and Sexualities Studies. Faculty members have received research funding from federal, state, and private agencies. Several have taught and conducted field research internationally. Along with professional prominence, our faculty pride themselves on innovative and effective teaching.

The Department currently offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Our course offerings are interdisciplinary, intersectional, and transnational. Lower-division courses familiarize students with local and global issues and current research in gender and sexuality studies. Upper division core and elective courses introduce students to feminist dialogues concerning the production of knowledge and the methodologies that inform state-of-the-art research.