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News Flash!

The Department of Gender & Sexuality Studies now offers B.S. major in Sustainability Studies in addition to B.A. major and minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies.

What makes the Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies at UCR unique is the way we combine theory with informed action, and focus on understanding the varieties of feminism throughout the world today. Our students and faculty come from a wide range of ethnic, racial, and national backgrounds, and our department values such diversity in the production of knowledge. The curriculum is designed to help students learn from the similarities and differences in women's experiences in this country and around the world. We cross traditional academic disciplines to investigate such topics as the roles of women in developing countries and in migration; the ways gender interacts with race, ethnicity, and class; how gender shapes performance and the expressive arts; how gender categories operate in our own and other societies; the history and contemporary theories of sex and sexualities; and new directions in feminist theory and methods of research.

Gender and Sexuality Studies at UCR is expanding rapidly. Students can expect exciting additions to the current program and student input is always welcome.