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B.S. in Sustainability Studies

Program Description

Sustainability is broadly understood as the pursuit of a livable world for all human and non-human life at present and in the future.  The Sustainability Studies Bachelor of Science degree offered by the Gender and Sexuality Studies Department investigates the historical and contemporary ways environments change, and are changed by, human activity. Focusing on a range of challenges to sustainability including climate change, air and water pollution, toxic contamination, energy demands, economic growth, agricultural production, and environmental injustice, the B.S. curriculum offers a comparative, interdisciplinary, transnational feminist approach to the theories and practices of building a sustainable future. Courses in gender and sustainability, natural and earth sciences, engineering, health and medicine, cultural studies, policy, media, and social sciences prepare students to respond to challenges to local, regional, and global sustainability. Students will be trained in feminist paradigms and methodologies associated with intersectionality, dialogue, and relation. Through in-depth, engaged learning experiences, this major educates global citizens who will be prepared for careers in industry, health care, public service, policy advocacy, education, and social activism relevant to sustainability.

This is a major that accommodates CNAS transfers who have considerable amounts of training in science and aspire to get an interdisciplinary education in sustainability. This major also encourages students to do internships with local environmental organizations, health advocates, and other institutions as well as to broaden their perspectives through the study abroad program. 

What does gender have to do with sustainability?

UCR Summer Sustainability Program (June 25-July 28, 2018)

Summer Sustainability Program Application

Major Requirements

1) Lower-Division Requirement (4 courses, 14~16 units)

a) GSST 001

b) GSST 021

c) Two course from the following list of courses in natural, earth, and environmental Sciences. Cannot double count with the CHASS math and science 20 unit requirement.

BIOL 003, BIOL 005C, BIOL 040, BPSC 011, BPSC 021, ENTM 010, ENTM 020, ENTM/BPSC 050, GEO 002, GEO 004, GEO 009, GEO 010, GEO 011, GEO 012, CEE 010 (2 units), ENGR/NAS/HASS 096, ENSC 001, ENSC 002, ENSC 006/ECON 006, ME 004, PHYS 007, PHYS 010, PHYS 016, PHYS 018, PHYS 024, PHYS 037

2) Quantitative Method Requirement (one course, 4 units)

One of the following courses or sequences OR an additional science course with a lab:
SOC 001/004/005
STAT 048 (with pre-req. MATH 004, 005, 008A, or 009A)
STAT 100A (with pre-req. MATH 005, 008, 008B, or 009A)
PSYC 011 (with pre-req. MATH 004, 005, or 008A & PSYC 001, 002)
POSC 114
ECON 101
GEO 157

3) Upper-Division Requirements (9 courses, 36 units)

a) GSST 100

b) Two GSST courses, of which at least one is from the following courses on gender & sustainability
GSST 131, GSST 161, GSST 171, GSST 173, GSST 181, GSST 183

c) Four courses from any of the following lists. (Students may concentrate in one or two areas or take courses from all areas. Up to two courses for this requirement may be replaced by any of the following CNAS courses. Students are responsible for fulfilling the relevant pre-requisites: BIOL/ENTM 100, BIOL/PBSC 165, ECON/ENSC 143A, ENSC 101, ENSC 102, ENSC 141, ENSC 174, ENTM 124, ENTM 125, ENTM 126, GEO 160, GEO 161, GEO 167, GEO 169.)

  • Environmental policy and politics
    PBPL 129, POSC 106, POSC 127, POSC 137, POSC 139, POSC 160, POSC 180, POSC 189
  • Health & medicine
    ANTH143/GSST 185, ANTH 158, ANTH 160, ANTH 162, ANTH 166, ESTS 116, HIST 107
  • Science, technology, and related topics
    ANTH 110, ANTH 132, ANTH 140T, ANTH 164/LNST 164/GSST 164, AST 107, ESTS 183, HIST 105, HIST106, HIST 109/ENGR 109, MCS 122, PHIL 117, RLST 164, SOC 137, SOC 161, SOC 184
  • Internship or Honors Thesis focusing on sustainability
    GSST 195, GSST 198-I

d) Capstone course sequence, required for all seniors
GSST 191A + GSST 191C