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    By Christine Gailey

    The UCR Women's Studies Department welcomes our newest faculty member, Assistant Professor Tracy Fisher. A specialist on grassroots women's organizations, Dr. Fisher has conducted research in Britain on historically shifting patterns of racialization and their intersection with gender in nongovernmental organization (NGO) efforts. She is concerned with how NGOs negotiate both community priorities and state agendas to gain access to resources for local women. She is developing new courses for the Department, which will begin to be offered next Fall.
    This year, you will find Dr. Fisher teaching Women, Politics, and Social Movements (WMST 109) in the Fall and Women and Culture (WMST 010) in the Spring.

    We also welcome Professor Georgia Warnke, now Chair of the Philosophy Department, who for the next two years will be teaching courses for Women's Studies as well as Philosophy. Valued by our students for her teaching Gender Theory (WMST 100), Philosophies of Feminism (PHIL/WMST 166) and Philosophical Issues of Race and Gender (WMST 108/PHIL 108), this term Professor Warnke is teaching her new course on Ethics and Families (WMST 141/PHIL 168).

    You can find out more about Dr. Fisher and Prof. Warnke in "Meet the Faculty".


    Women's Studies is relishing our new office space in 1141 Watkins. We also now have a conference/seminar room, 1140 Watkins, so a brown-bag lunchtime speaker series is in the works. Watch for fliers and email notices.

    The Women's Studies office continues to be one of the most user-friendly spaces on campus. You can find Bev Palmer as you enter the office: Bev is our AA II, lured from retirement to run our day-to-day operations and assemble this newsletter.

    New to Women's Studies this Fall is Kris King, the AA III who's been assigned to us while Irma Kemp is out on disability. Kris brings to her managerial position a background in working with students as well as the UC systems, which our minors and majors have already found to their benefit.

    Nancy Huynh is our dedicated work-study this year: the information-packed bulletin boards outside Watkins 1141 are her inspiration, and she's updating our student list-serve.

    Welcome, Nancy! So drop in and share insights into women's issues (and usually a laugh or two) with Bev, Kris, Nancy, and Christine.

    Please visit the Women in Coalition office in 2121 J Watkins, where Piya Chatterjee and the advisory team are planning a number of projects for this year.